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James (MUNKY) Shaffer

Name: James Shaffer
Korn: Guitar
Nickname: Munky
Born: June 6, 1970
Marital Status: Single

James Shaffer was born in Rosedale, California, on June 6th, 1970.  Munky began his musical career after an accident with his three-wheeler which severed the top of his left index finger.  One night while sneaking out to a party and pushing his bike the chain slipped off. He slapped his hand on it so it wouldn't make a noise but his finger got caught and cut the top off. 
"The doctor's got to rehabilitate your finger somehow, like take up a musical instrument. And I about guitar..he goes, that's perfect"

Before joining Korn Munky was in a band named LAPD with Head, David and Fieldy. "Brian (Head) said..oh I know this guy from my highschool, so they called me up, and they're like, do you want to come and try out for our band, it wasn't that I could play, it was that I had long hair" says Munky. "I sat down, Brian showed me the songs, and then that's how we all just started playing together".

On stage Munky is more than often seen wearing a pair of old overalls. "I wanted to wear something on stage that was like kinda trashy, dirty, you know, because when I'm up there I feel like...sick" says Munky. "Really what it is, it's like that person I don't like in me, all the things I hate about myself, that's who I am up there". Munky now sports a spanking clean pair of white overalls with black X's down the chest.

Munky earned his nickname from his feet. "My feet. I'd spread 'em out and everyone said they look like hands, like monkey hands."



James "Munky" Shaffer (Guitar) Biography
- White 7-string Ibanez Universe UV7PW ( all duct taped up, VERY damaged! now w/green humbucker in the bridge, and black pickguard )
- Black Universe UV7
- Black Universe UV7BK ( all black, 1997 model, his current guitar used on the Lollapalooza '97 tour )
- Black Saber S5407 ( used in the "Blind" video -- he's using it on their current tour, because he has no UV's left )
- '56 Fender Telecaster ( for recording "KORN" )
- Black Universe PRE-97 UV7BK ( green pickups )
- Black Universe UV7BK ( w/white pickguard, Munky switched the pickguards with this guitar with his white UV7PW )
- ( Old ) Fender Stratocaster (for recording the sitar part of "Adidas" )
- Old Silvertone guitar ( the one with the amp built right into the guitar case, they put the mic right up against the guitar -- used on "Blind" intro part )
- Marshall JCM 900 ( in the studio )
- Vintage ( 1964 ) 4x12 Marshall Cabs ( 100w )
- Gibson Amp ( for "Adidas" )
- Mesa/Boogie Triple Rectifiers ( on tour and in the studio -- on tour, one is set clean, and one is set for distortion; he uses a channel switcher )
- ( Vintage ) Leslie Cabinet ( "Lies", "Kill You", "Shoots and Ladders" )
- Sears Silvertone ( "Blind" )
- Electro-Harmonix Small Stone Phaser ( "Blind" )
- Electro-Harmonix Electric Mistress ( flange -- "No Place to Hide" )
- Mu-tron Bi phaser
- Ibanez Bi-Chorus ( "Good God" )
- Dunlop Uni-Vibe ( "Swallow" )
- Dunlop Crybaby wah pedal ( "Blind" )
- A Big Muff pedal ( modified by Richard Kaplan -- "Blind", "Shoots and Ladders" )
- Roland Jet Phaser
- ProCo Ratt Distortion
- Memphis Envelope Follower ( small blue box pedal, end of "Kill You", and "Kunt" verse part, but Munky either broke it or lost it, and doesn't use it anymore )