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Brian (HEAD) Welch

Name: Brian Welch
Korn: Guitar
Nickname: Head
Born: June 19, 1970
Marital Status: Married
Wife: Rebekkah Welch
Daughter: Jennea Marie Welch

 Brian Welch was born in Torrance, California, on June 19th, 1970.

Brian and Munky went to the same school where Brian showed Munky how to play a few songs. They were friends up through high school, and had a friendly sort of competition with each other. Brian would go to Munky's house and jam. If Munky would learn some new material, Brian would be like, "d*mn I got to practice!". Later, Munky joined LAPD, while Brian would just sit around drinking their beer. LAPD decided that they needed a second guitar for when they toured, so Brian went on tour with them. Brian and Munky have been playing together for more than two thirds of their lives.

Brian's wife is Rebekkah, who recently gave birth to their daughter Jennea Marie, on July 6, 1998. As a result of the birth, Korn had to drop out of the 1998 OzzFest in Europe. Brian would not travel overseas and be away from his wife at such a crucial time, and the rest of Korn were set in the fact that they would not use any replacement musicians in any situation if one of them couldn't be on hand due to an extenuating circumstance.

When asked how he got the nickname "Head", Brian said: "...Because I got a big head... Go get me any hat, and it won't fit.



Brian "Head" Welch (Guitar | Vocals) Biography
- Black RG 7-string ( I have a feeling this is Ibanez's work, they probably asked him to switch to help promote it; Head's Lollapalooza '97 guitar )
- White 7-string Ibanez Universe UV7PW
- Gibson Les Paul ( for recording "Korn" )
- Custom Natural Ibanez 7-string Universe ( Has only 1 pickup slot, a bridge humbucker, used mostly on the '96 Peachy tour, no TONE knob, just 1 VOLUME control knob, no 5-way selector switch )
- Marshall JCM 900 ( in the studio )
- Hughes & Kettner Tri-Amp head GC 412 ( on tour )
- Mesa/Boogie Triple Rectifier Heads ( 150w )
- Vintage 4x12 Marshall Cabs ( 100w )
- Ibanez Tube Screamer ( vintage )
- Big Muff distortion pedals ( "Blind", "Shoots and Ladders" )
- Electro-Harmonix Uni-Fuzz
- Mu-Tron Bi phaser ( "Porno Creep" )
- Chorus pedal
- ProCo Ratt Distortion
- Boss Super Phaser
- DOD Metal Distortion
- Boss Stereo Chorus